„Working in GDS is my greatest work-expe­ri­ence ever. Why? It has it all: great people, modern techno­lo­gies and some­thing new to learn every day.“

Markus Lochner, Head of Group Digital Solutions

We are digital

Group Digital Solutions (GDS) is an adaptive organization continuously contributing to Raiffeisen Bank International´s digital transformation. Our mission is to generate value for our customers, our bank and our GDS team.


We create digital solutions for 13 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Digital banking is becoming the biggest trend for more and more customers. Therefore, RBI addresses customer needs continuously, as our main goal is to provide a leading customer experience across all segments.


GDS has the capability to build innovative solutions and services across the group. With initiatives supporting new-to-bank and existing customers, GDS guides RBI through the challenges in this digital era.


People are our most important asset and our key to success. We are committed to live the performance principle and value team spirit. Self-responsibility is an integral part of the GDS culture.


Generating value is our main mission. We generate value for our customers by focusing on customer-centric solutions based on the latest technologies. Our team is encouraged to create and live innovation culture. We create capabilities for the bank by embracing the evolution of digitalization.

We are from all
around the world

Internationality defines us and we embrace it as one of our best qualities. Our diversity is a generator for our creativity.

We are diverse

Diversity characterizes GDS in nationality, origin, language, age, experience, looks and taste. However, almost everyone agrees on the same thing… We looove office pizza parties ;-)

Avg. Age

We are GDS

This is who we are, this is what we do. We enjoy working together in an adaptive organization. Get to know us and become part of our team.


Join us

Group Digital Solutions welcomes everyone and offers opportunities for everyone. That's why we onboard new colleagues almost every day. Our colleagues' age, experience, education and profession vary in all possible ranges. What everyone has in common are the motivation to drive the change, passion for technology and the openness to new experiences. GDS embraces agile mindset. If you would like to work in an adaptive organization, then you are the perfect fit for GDS.

Our Head Office is located in Vienna, Austria's capital. Vienna is the heart of Europe and a city for everyone. Regardless of your age, taste and mood, there is always something that you can do here. Vienna is the antonym of boringness, and so is Group Digital Solutions. After all, if you like challenges & pizza ;-) and if you are open for new adventures, join us and be a part of the change that we make in the digital journey.

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